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As a self taught all-round IT guy I know all that is needed to make computers work for you. From sensors on Arduinos to complicated networks and programming all sorts of systems, or even games.

Besides getting computers and software to work in an efficient manner, I've been also studying the ways to get the best out of small creative teams.  

Unfortunately I cannot disclose all work (NDA's you know)...

Here's a couple of things I do:



Professional ​
Digital Signage Specialist

The core of my knowledge lies within the field of Digital Signage. All other skills come together when having to make sure you want screens that people want to watch. Project management, content creation, software training, scheduling, selling, you name, I've done it. Also connected to many people and companies in this industry to make sure I'm up-to-date and ready for working together. Proficient in many tools (e.g. certified Scala Engineer) and quick learner.

IT Project management

I have done so many projects in my career I almost know immediately where action is needed, what time schedules are reasonable and who is the best person in the right place. Talking to all levels of responsibility within an organization is second nature for me. Motivating co-workers (with or without gloves on) or doing day & night shifts to help out when deadlines are nearing, is no problem for me.


Software & Hardware Design

From serious work flow tools and systems to fun games and interactive kiosks with high quality back and front ends... Sensors, Embedded systems, online payment solutions... Been there, done that. Collecting users' wishes and building something easy to work with, yet flexible and future proof is what I do best. But if it's just a prototype you need, call me!



As a born Lego adept I was trained in being creative, finding solutions with limited resources and thinking out of the box. Large fantasy and the ability to visualize solutions in my head is what made me find paths that not many others would have thought of. I can use these abilities in very different work fields. If your company is in need of a fresh and creative look on things, borrow my right brain side for a while!




To aid my work and that of others I sometimes have to invent things. I'm the author of a scripting language called BMML that can aid non-programmers in building and/or adjusting complex programs. When a live video director came to me stating he had a hard time using certain software, I build an external switching machine that made work a lot easier for him. This involved all steps of product development. From listening to the customers' needs, to soldering the wires and designing the case. This is where my broad skills thrive best.

Large network

My professional and social network is extensive. I stay in close contact with smart persons from all walks of life and parts of the world. They all have skills that complement mine and vice versa, so if I can't do it, I know someone who can. And I need just a few words to explain the challenge. Make use of my network if you please, we are all glad to help you out. For a small fee, that is. ;)





Talking to hundreds of people from a stage or presenting a show is not a big deal for me. I started learning and doing this intensively around 2012. I can do it in Dutch, German or English, either very serious or with humor. 


Project Management
VR/AR Production

Event Management

Video editing

Presentation / Stage presence

Scrum/Agile experience

Arduino engineering

Sensor Engineering

2D/3D animator

Writer / Editor / Blogger

Acting (movie/stage/voice)

and many more...



Visual Basic 6 / VB.NET

Scala Multimedia Language
BMML Script language

and many more...


Fluent in Dutch, English & German. And a little Frisian.

Technical Advisor
As employee number two at Windowsketch I had the opportunity to witness and help the growth from startup to one of biggest Signage companies in the Benelux, working for such clients as Ahold, Bruna, Hema and many more. 
This is the website where EYEBOX/Arcadia sells many old and new retro gaming hardware and software. EYEBOX helps making the brand stronger, add ideas to battle the many competitors and lure customers in wih the best retro experience the market has to offer. Within two years of starting we've become the number one online store for retro-computing.
Arcadia is a brand name / concept developed by EYEBOX to rebuild Gaming Arcades and associated tools. Working together with many experts on retro-gaming World Wide, we are constantly upgrading and deploying new and existing arcades in the classic style. Of course our offices are next to one as well. 300m2 of 80's/90's goodies!
In 2006 I sold my company and its assets to a client that needed my expertise in-house to quickly build their own IT-knowledge. Once this was (succesfully) done, I was able to start a new company, focussing more on special projects and developing custom software tools.
I began developing software on the Commodore Amiga in the early 90's and after a couple of successful projects started my own company to professionalize my work. Since then I have done many projects besides my daily job, if time permitted. From March 2015 on I fully focus on EYE-BOX and its many products in the Digital Media market. My clients include many market leaders and fast growing startups.

Duracast is revolutionizing the way Digital Signage is implemented in the low and high end market. It has features that are unique and uses an easy to handle CMS. The Duracast concept includes hardware, software and access to an amazing amount of content! It has been succesfully deployed at some of the the World's largest retailers as white label product. 
A never before seen concept in on- and offline advertising, ready to roll out once we find an investor willing to add some promotional budget.
If you have access to traditional or online media, an advertising business or a printing studio, contact me for more information. 

Headsub was the world's first ever online 3D personalized video content generator and is currently leader in a fast growing market. We currently also develop Digital Signage services based on our system. Approximately 4.000.000 videos are rendered each year and we have contracts with many news and entertainment providers.

Organizing events to keep the legacy of the famous Commodore Amiga computer alive through periodic large events in Europe, visiting them all over the world. Also EU-producer of documentary about this amazing machine that changed the world of multi media.


New Product Management

​2002 - 2015


I've build the core of Bitmove's product - interactive kiosk software - and was in charge of adding new options for a changing market. This involved finding and testing the latest and greatest on the hard- and software market, assuring that Bitmove always delivers the best experiences to customers world wide.  Our projects won several industry awards and received a lot of praise from the audiences.


Writer, Designer & Actor

​2011 - Present


This is the place where I test my storytelling, acting and writing skills. It is more of a hobby then work, but it sure tests one's patience and ability to craft something enjoyable for players and audiences.



AV & ICT Development / Sales

​2005 - 2009


Transferring a AV company from a purely analog market into the digital one was a challenge, but PTH managed to become market leader in many areas. I worked on many high end systems and got to enjoy an amazing team spirit between the best engineers out there.


System engineer 



Our team build the systems for a Dutch advertising agency that would grow to be very successful in Holland. I personally wrote all software needed to flow hundreds of millions worth of ads through an efficient system that connected agencies, advertisers and newspapers like Wegener and NDC. I also took care of teaching users, writing manuals and talking to suppliers on how to connect to our systems.


Data typist / After Sales / Programmer 


This job had me growing from data typist to after sales account manager and software engineer in no time. Missing the tools to quickly foresee changes and chances in the account managers department, I wrote a highly praised tool that made it easy for the sales guys to see what needed to be done. The work on that earned me a job at NRp.



Radio Communications & IT



My first real job after leaving school got me sealing all over the world on a Dutch frigate - Hr.Ms. Banckert. I learned to work in a disciplined matter and under pressure (NATO training missions and First Gulf war).


Computer Salesman

Learned my sales skills on this job at one of the largest warehouses in Holland selling home computers and peripherals to unsuspecting customers who mostly went home with more than they went for...



Started programming 'professionally' from home on my  Commodore PET 2001, Sinclair ZX-81 and Commodore 64/128, writing tools for my father to keep track of sales and inventory, Also had a blooming business in selling custom printed address labels and writing demo's for shop windows. Also created the magazine for a demo group.

Middle and High school, but...



​Although I went to many schools (more or less) successfully, nothing special from them attributed to my current skills. I grew up in an age where computers where just starting to seep into society and had not yet entered schools in the way they have today. So I had to buy all my own books, learn from friends and code from what little examples where available in magazines. In many ways this gave me a head start in the business and to this day I try to keep ahead of the rest.





Programming courses, Database training, Sales and Marketing lessons... I had many. I learn quick. I have a more than average IQ that helps me target my needs and wishes for skills and make them mine.


School of Life


This one gave me the best lessons: Try to be nice and friendly. Help out where possible. Have a sense of humour. Laugh. Do what you've promised. Floss. Laugh some more with cleaner teeth. Always aim for the best results in the most efficient way. Work very hard in and as a team. Stay young. 'Carpe' whatever you can out of  beautiful 'Diem'. 

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