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a bit about me:

I was born in The Netherlands in 1968 and drawn to anything with a screen since I could crawl. Once computing and video became available to me, I was hooked to filling those screens with whatever I wanted.


As a self-taught all-round IT guy I know all that is needed to make computers work for you. From sensors to complicated networks, creative content and programming all sorts of systems. Even games.

I have worked on many award winning and exclusive projects and am always available to work on your project from my office or on site.


But do not think I'm just the nerd. I don;t run away from (After)sales support, presentation and fixing the screens to a wall. 

My hobbies include Arcade cabinets, car racing, writing/acting and spending time with my wife, two kids and a stupendously cute dog. 


I live near Harlingen in The Netherlands, only a one hour drive away from either Amsterdam, Groningen or Lelystad and their airpoirts.

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